Ways To Clean Fur Coat

A fur coat provides warm feeling in winter. This type of coat is more expensive than other winter clothes. Fur coat is worthy item for people in cold season. As it is an expensive dress you should spend more money and generate innovative ideas to maintain that as it is.

The fur coat should be kept for long years. This is not a dress to wear for some years. You should take good care to wash your fur coat. The coat cannot be washed with other daily clothes by regular detergent. As you take care of your dresses in your upgrade your wardrobe and use proper velvet hangers, you need to be careful about your fur coat too.

As the nature of material of coat is different from other garments special care is needed in washing and drying the same. Some cleaning procedures are described below to clean and maintain your fur coats:

Cleaning the fur coats at home is not advisable. It is always the best option to make the coat washed by a furrier. The furrier generally uses sawdust and an environment safe cleaning solution to wash a fur coat. First fur coat is put in a drum filled with those materials and then washed in a tumbling motion. This tumbling motion helps to remove the dirt, oil and odors from the coat. To maintain the soft texture of coat a glazing solution is applied on the coat. The most important thing is to maintain the actual color of the coat and for that a whitening agent is applied on the same. The entire process is to be applied once in a year on the coat.

If some rain or snow gathers on your coat, try to hang it in a dry place and shake the moisture. You can use coat hangers or plastic hangers at http://www.hangersforshops.com.au/plastic-hangers/. Do not wash the coat if your coat smells like must.

Sometimes coats may smell bad. To get rid of odors you should put the coat in a vinyl garment bag. You must check frequently whether the smell has gone or not. The coat may be kept in a zipped bag until the odor is present. After this procedure if the smell has not gone, hang the coat in fresh air. Then the coat may be kept in wardrobe without being worried.

Some easy tips are given for maintaining fur coats:

Dabbing or rubbing water from coat is not advisable. Shaking off the water is the perfect procedure.Plastic bags are not best storage space for fur coats.Never dry your coat in heat.You should use your fingers to brush the fur. Try to store the coat in a ventilated wardrobe.