The Reasons Why Lower Back Pain Occurs

Many people suffer from lower back pain after they get up from sleep. Many assume that it is because they have assumed a poor sleeping position during the night. However, there can be different reasons for lower back pain to occur. These can be due to:


From long hours of sitting during the day

Sleeping position during the night as well as

Lack of firmness of the mattress

Sleeping positions

In many cases, one suffers from back pain during the night due to the sleeping position they assume. For instance, if one sleeps on their back with comforter sets they are less prone to suffer from back pain. However, if one sleeps on their stomach with their head arched backwards, this can put pressure on the spine and that in turn can cause lower back pain. For these reasons you need to check and prevent poor sleeping positions when you suffer from back pain frequently. Take a look at this a perfect cover set that your truly needs.

Daily routines

Often the positions and postures that one acquires during the day can lead to back pain after sleeping. For instance, when one sits for long periods of time and slouches during sitting, this can lead to back pain after one sleeps. This is mainly due to stress and tired muscles that have not been stretched or relaxed adequately with exercise. Hence, to reduce such instances, besides sleeping with relaxing set of comforter and stretch before sleeping to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Choosing the right bed accessories

The other way to reduce back pain is to choose the right bedding accessories. The mattress should not be too soft or sagging; on the other hand, using firm pillows to support your back or stomach will also help in ensuring good sleeping positions through the night. The right bed mattress and pillows can make all the difference in assuring good support to the back and spine. There are different materials in which mattresses and pillows are available. One can opt for memory foam mattresses that can be soft or firm as well as pillows made of down or foam to provide adequate support and comfort to the body.

Doing the right exercises

It is necessary that one exercise adequately to stretch and keep the muscles supple and relaxed. That is a sure way of ensuring that one has a good night’s sleep and there is no pressure felt on the back or the spine. One should practice cardio as well as strength training exercises at least five days a week; after a day’s work one should try gentle stretches and yoga positions to allow the tired body muscles to relax and gain back their form in the body.