Making Your First Interview Count


Your first interview is going to be the first of many great events in your life. It is going to no doubt a nail biter and no matter how much you prepare you will get a sense of nervousness that you should and must fight off to ensure it will be a success.

First impressions do count and making a good, strong impression will no doubt establish your name and face into the minds of your prospective employers. Chances are they will even put you right at the top of their list. After all education and qualifications are of no use if you are not street smart and have strong people skills.

Dressing up Smart

Making the perfect first impression to your interviewers starts with a smart attire to be worn on the day of the interview. A lot can be said about how one looks, grooms themselves and interacts with others. Whether you are a girl or a guy it’s best to start with a good suit though it is not very necessary or appropriate. Even a smart casual outlook can do the trick as well. For guys adding a matching tie and some cufflinks and making sure your belt and shoes are of matching colors is good enough. For the ladies it is noticed that office wear has changed a lot over the years, especially with the skirts getting shorter, now despite this not being an issue to many employers it can be a minus mark in the minds of others who will assume other ideas. Be sure to have it at a single color like black which would really never go out of style and keep your heels at a reasonable height, where you can walk comfortably.

One of the biggest annoyances in any dress code are the socks that are worn. They tend to disturb you, come off slightly and for those who are a bit OCD about it, it is actually a little hell. To combat this there are many designer socks that you can choose from that are made all over the world like in New Zealand. Look up work socks NZ up in your search engine and you’ll find retail outlets that sell them. The Sock Lady has an extensive range of socks available online. 

But you must wonder why even be specific to search work socks NZ? The reason behind it is that they produce some of the finest wool and in addition to this their blend of nylon and elastic helps support your feet without much annoyance.

Talking, Walking and Looking Smart

Simply having designer clothes doesn’t make you look smart, it’s like saying you have a fast car which means you are an excellent driver. Be sure to groom yourself well before an interview, for men, trim your beards or have a clean shaven face with neatly combed hair and for the ladies put on a decent hairstyle that won’t be distracting to you and your interviewer. And finally walk and talk smart, increase your posture by working your back muscles to keep your spine straight, put your shoulders back and speak in a calm and confident manner and you are good to go.