Fighting With Dry skin?

Though you cannot stop the ageing process, you must be prepared to combat the troubles that are caused by the skin as a result of ageing. So you must use effective products that help your skin to prevent chapped dryness and wrinkles that are common signs of ageing. In our busy daily schedule, it is hardly possible to have natural treatments or skipping away things that cause early ageing. In such instances, dry skin creams and other products that have the effectiveness to fight back skin dryness is really a big boon.

Popular dry skin cream
Women with dry skin always want a product that evenly moisturizes the skin without causing greasiness. Rosken skin repair dry skin cream is one such product that cares for the skin without clogging pores and causing breakouts. Someone affected with long-standing dry skin can reap instant benefits of this cream that improve the skin with regular usage. It can increase the moisture level of skin by up to 89 percent and can double the moisture content of the skin within 4 days. It helps to lock the moisture within the skin from the very first application and helps in reducing transepidermal moisture loss so that it doesn’t become dry again. It is recommended to use this product all over the body, preferably after a shower and exposure to the sun with special focus to dry areas around the knees and elbow.

How the product originates?
This cream with a range of other products was created by two Australian pharmacists who worked together to produce a beautiful range that protects and repair skin. The manufacturers endeavored to create a range that is both effective and affordable for every commoner. Even today Rosken products maintain the same ideology and offer a range of clinically proven products to help consumers worldwide.

Ingredients of the cream: It comprises of active ingredients like propylparaben, isopropyl myristate, stearic acid, decyl oleate, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, and methyl paraben and imidazolidinyl urea. It has rich emollients like dimethicone that penetrates into deeper layers of the skin to relieve chapped skin. It is able to create a protective shield to lock in the essential moisture. Olive oil extracts present in the cream is a natural antioxidant that permeates the skin and moisturizes them without causing any hindrance for the pores to breathe. Though a bit costly, Rosken dry skin cream can repair the skin with vitamin E and relieves dry, damaged and itchy skin making it softer and suppler like baby skin.

The texture of the dry skin cream is quite thick and when it applied, it initially appears to be sticky, but the stickiness is considerably reduced leaving the skin satin soft. It has a very pleasant smell which doesn’t linger for long and get absorbed in the skin.

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